Hi everyone, Welcome to George and Michelle’s Workshop on Graph API 👋

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George is an Engineer and Cloud Solution Architect Cyber Security working at Microsoft. He is a Dad to two young boys and husband to the most patient woman in the world. He is a tech geek, and avid gamer. He loves reading fantasy novels, camping, drinking whiskey and eating delicous food. George is driven by the need to leave a positive change in the peoples lives around him, he feels good when he leaves a room better than when he arrived (be it virtual or physical). George spent half his career as an educator teaching IT Networking, Administration and Security.

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Michelle is a Developer Engagement Lead at Microsoft who is passionate about building community, attracting more diverse people into STEM careers, elevating new voices and enabling the disadvantaged. She loves coding with Python and Javascript - She builds chatbots for fun. She mentors for SheCodes Australia, MusesCode JS, Nuevo Foundation, ABCN and Girls Programming Network. She runs events, and she judges Hackathons. She is an Open Source Advocate. She is focused on emerging developer communities - Student, Data Science & AI.

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