Activity: Use Graph Explorer

This activity demonstrates how to us the Microsoft Graph Explorer web service.

  1. In a browser open up
  2. On the left hand side scroll through until you see Users. Click on this to expand the list.
  3. Click on the blue GET next to ‘all users in the organization’
  4. Click on Run Query
  5. You will need to grant some permissions to the account you are using. Click on Modify permissions and grant consent to Users.Read.All
  6. Click on Run Query

Order of actions

  • Note 1: The url for the api endpoint clicked in item 3 loads here.
  • Note 2: There are other useful items of interest in these tabs.
  • Note 3: The output is in JSON
  1. Explore the queries. The Graph API Reference is represented in the list on the left and you can get an idea of the scope of operations possible with this API.
  2. Check the tabs highlighted in note 2 to see how Graph Explorer can accelerate development through providing output data.