Activity: Grant Access to the tenant

For the application that was registered we will grant access to user data. Do the following.

  1. Open Azure Portal
  2. Navigate to Azure Active Directory
  3. Navigate to the App Registrations Blade
  4. Click on the Application created in the previous activity.
  5. Click on API Permissions
  6. Click on + Add a permission
  7. Click Microsoft Graph
  8. Click Application permissions
  9. Navigate to Group and tick Group.Read.All Group Perms
  10. Navigate to Group Member and tick GroupMember.Read.All
  11. Click Add Permissions
  12. Note these permissions have a notice requiring Admin Consent Pre Admin Consent
  13. Click Grant Admin Consent, then OK after reading the warning. Admin Consent
  14. Notice the updated permissions. Admin Consent

You have now granted permissions for this application to view the groups in the tenant and the members for those groups. We’ll use this application later.